Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Offre exclusive pour les membres du Conseil québécois des services éducatifs à la petite enfance.

Terms & Conditions

1. In order to avoid administrative fees of 2% per month (24% per year) for unpaid invoices exceeding 30 days after the date of sending, bills must be paid within that time frame. Alternative arrangements may be made based on your circumstances and context, with agreement under signature.

2. Proposals (or submissions) are valid for the 30 days following the date of sending.

3. Upon acceptance of the proposal (or submission), a partial payment (50%) must be made. At the completion of the work, a final invoice will be issued for the balance and must be paid within 30 days. Alternative arrangements may be made based on your circumstances and context, with agreement under signature.

4. Payments may be made by direct deposit, cheque, Interac e-transfer, or in-branch at the Caisse populaire Desjardins.

5. Modifications or additions not foreseen BEFORE acceptance of the proposal (submission) will be evaluated per piece.

6. The content necessary for the completion of the project (data files, logos, access codes, etc.) must be provided beforehand, or as soon as possible. The client remains at all times the owner and responsible party for the documents, files, and data provided, and attests to holding the rights of use.

7. In case of delays or unforeseen circumstances during the project, Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. commits to immediately informing the client to jointly determine a resolution.

8. Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. commits to keeping the client informed of the project’s progress and to providing frequent demonstrations or sending screenshots as requested by the client.

9. Upon delivery of the project, a 90-day period begins in case adjustments are deemed necessary. These adjustments are included if they respect the proposal (submission) initially accepted; otherwise, they will be evaluated per piece.

10. Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. makes every effort to maintain the files you provide. However, Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or documents resulting from an error in manipulation, and it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that copies are retained for retransmission as needed.

11. Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. does its utmost to offer quality hosting that combines stability, reliability, speed, and security at a quality-to-price ratio it deems the best to its knowledge. However, since information technology is not infallible, Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. also offers a backup service and undertakes, in the event of a server malfunction or data loss due to a server issue, to restore the most up-to-date content it holds, as quickly as possible.

12. The client authorizes Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. to include a mention that they have used one or more of its services and accepts that their product may be used, in whole or in part, for promotional purposes and as an example of achievement.

13. It is agreed that the intellectual property of the software developed and provided (websites, microsites, mobile applications, desktop applications, intranets, etc.) as part of the approved estimate will be shared between the mandatary (Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C.) and the client. Neither party may redistribute or exploit the software for purposes other than those specified in the initial contract without the other party’s written permission. All copies of the software will remain the joint property of the parties unless a mutual agreement is ratified by a signed agreement.

14. The source code of a mobile application developed may be transmitted to the client in the following cases: a signed agreement between the parties, resumption of the project by another company following Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C.’s business activities to ensure project continuity, inability of the agency to provide the services for which it is mandated or may be mandated in the future (specific needs, specialized programming outside the scope of expertise of Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C.).

15. The client undertakes to use the services and products in accordance with the laws applicable in Quebec and Canada.

16. At all times, Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. undertakes to respect confidentiality and not to disclose sensitive or personal information. In return, Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. expects the same level of confidentiality regarding its methodology and practices.

17. Neither party shall be held responsible for any delay, interruption, or loss due to force majeure (e.g., power outage, fire, computer virus, storm, or any other event over which the affected party has no control). In the event of force majeure, the party invoking it must notify the other party as soon as possible and undertake to make all reasonable efforts to put an end to or remedy it.

18. Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. remains available after delivery for the improvement and updating of its projects, unless there is a major change in the technology used. In this case, a new proposal (quote) will be submitted to assess the workload and costs associated with the work.

19. When a client purchases a time bank, regardless of the number of hours, it is valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase. If hours remain unused at the end of this period, they will be considered obsolete. In addition, no refund of these hours will be made, even at the client’s request.

20. Agence kreaxion S.E.N.C. undertakes to offer the best possible availability for its clients who have purchased time banks.

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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions